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Jacqueline Lichtenberg


Screenplays  available on request 



an original screenplay by

Jacqueline Lichtenberg

Immortal Outrage or Immortal Scapegoat

In search of justice for the Immortal Jindigar, Prince of Dushau, Lady Zavaronne breaks him out of the mad Galactic Emperor's clutches, joins him in a race across the Galaxy to rescue his friends from the Emperor, and finds that she, herself must mete out justice.


This is an original, 111 page screenplay based on the Romantic Times Award Winning novel Dushau by Jacqueline Lichtenberg.  All rights are available.



Read the first 3 Chapters of the novel Dushau in a pdf file.

Read the first 10 pages of the screenplay Dushau in a pdf file.

Request the complete novel and/or screenplay.


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