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screenplay by
Jacqueline Lichtenberg

A Kabbalah based Matrix movie.

LOGLINE: A Jewish videogame wreaks mystical havoc at a Christian game company.


Manny Weizman codes his Rabbinical class work into a videogame using advanced Kabbalah. The Principal of his Brooklyn Yeshiva expels Manny for playing instead of learning, whereupon Manny hurls a jump drive at the Principal. "You can go to hell and take the stupid game with you!"

In the subway, he emits a soulful prayer for help. Within hours, he lands a job with a Christian videogame company. Manny must develop a Kabbalah based videogame from scratch. Before long, his efforts begin to warp reality and stir evil forces against the Company. With explosives planted in the offices, Manny must beg help from his old Principal to subdue those evil forces. The office blows up. Though people die, each evil deed miraculously but logically generates a good result.

A family drama

When is a game not a game any more?

When playing it warps reality.

Manny Weizman, expelled from Rabbinical college for arrogance, prays for help and within hours lands a programming job at a Christian game company. Even the CEO doesn’t know the template for their best selling games contains a hypnotic component.

The next day the Company gets a commission to build a videogame based on Kabbalah and assigns Manny to lead the project. Financially, it’ll save the Company.

Stretching his meager knowledge of Jewish mysticism, Manny produces game levels on Charity and Truth. While testing, he does not see invisible angels fly out of the screen but his sense of reality wobbles every time he wins the game.

Then he finds himself blurting out inconvenient truths to his pregnant wife.

He knows the Kabbalah premise that every deliberate act fulfilling a Commandment produces an angel. But how can fulfilling a Commandment vicariously have the same result as an actual deed?

The Company insists the game start with a Level on Hatred. Manny complies.

Beta testing Hatred stirs animosity in everyone remotely connected to the project.

He can’t control what he’s unleashed.

Finally, with anti-videogame activists occupying the offices they’ve rigged with explosives, Manny must admit his ignorance to his old Principal, ask for his help against hatred, and risk his life to save his pregnant wife.

The dreaded explosion miraculously spares many lives, and Manny’s second child is born in the rescue helicopter. Never knowing of the subliminal code, Manny returns to the Rabbinical college willing to learn the basics before advanced Kabbalah. The life goals of the founders of the game company are fulfilled in a most peculiar way.

Jacqueline Lichtenberg is a widely published fiction writer represented by Sharon Jarvis at Toad Hall, Inc. signatory to the Guild.

Agent: Sharon Jarvis at
              Toad Hall, Inc.
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Doubt there's a connection between Games Theory and Kabbalah?  Read Jacqueline Lichtenberg's blog post on the May 2009 issue of Wired guest edited by J. J. Abrams, the Star Trek producer. 



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